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Jiangsu Lanming Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the scenic Taihu Lake, and is known as the "Hometown of Environmental Protection" in Yixing City-Huanke Park. It is located in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Belt, the most developed economy in China. The company is a professional incinerator And industrial water treatment of private joint-stock enterprises, the company registered capital of 30 million yuan.
The company integrates high-tech environmental protection enterprises with independent development, process design, equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning and after-sales service. It has established long-term cooperative relationships with dozens of domestic research and design units and some universities to provide continuous power for innovation and development. As a high-tech enterprise, the company's main characteristics are around sustainable development. It can provide centralized incineration of industrial hazardous waste, high-concentration organic waste liquid incineration, VOC organic waste gas treatment, fluoride waste hazardous waste incineration and acid recovery technology, precious metal recovery technology, etc. System integration solution; independently developed rotary combined hazardous waste incineration device, RTO multi-compartment cycle incineration technology, RCO catalytic incineration technology, fluoride waste hazardous waste incineration and acid recovery technology, precious metal recovery technology, high salt and halogen content Organic waste liquid incineration technology, sludge drying and incineration integration technology, dioxin and denitration catalytic technology, etc., in PetroChina, Sinopec, coal-to-liquids, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, printing and dyeing, papermaking, textiles, coatings, fine chemicals, fluorine Chemical industry, precious metal recovery and other fields have been widely used successfully, truly harmless, reduced and resourced by the three waste incineration treatment. At the same time, China's energy collection and reuse is the development direction, which fully reflects the value of circular economy. In response to the problems of different customers, we have developed personalized and professional environmental solutions, taking customer service as the first guide and continuously improving service quality.

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With the signing and approval of Premier Li Keqiang, the State Council recently issued the "Decisions on the Clearance and Regulation of 89 Items of the State Council Department's Administrative Examination and Intermediary Service Matters" (hereinafter referred to as the "Decisions"), which decided to clear and regulate the 89 items of the State Council Department's 【】istrative examination and approval intermediary services. Matters are no longer accepted as conditions for acceptance of 【】istrative examination and approval.
Intermediary services of 【】istrative examination and approval are used to promote government departments to perform their duties according to law, provide professional technical services to applicants, etc ...
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Jiangsu Lanming Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

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Address: Yuedong Road, Huankeyuan, Yixing City, Jiangsu Province

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