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How to make full use of incinerator equipment?
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How to make full use of incinerator equipment?

1. Processing scale.

The incinerator treatment scale is generally determined by the mass or flue gas treatment of the daily or hourly waste. Both factors must be considered at the same time. Even if the same quality of garbage has different properties, different flue gas volumes will be generated. The amount of gas will directly determine the size of the subsequent equipment of the incinerator. Generally speaking, the higher the lower calorific value of the garbage, the more flue gas is generated per unit of garbage.

2. Processing capacity.

The treatment capacity of the waste incineration plant changes within a certain range with changes in the nature of the waste, incineration ash, and combustion conditions. The waste incineration diagram is generally used to indicate the incineration capacity of the incinerator. References can be made to the grate mechanical load and heat load, combustion chamber heat load, outlet temperature and flue gas residence time, and thermal ignition reduction rate.