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Construction method of waste incinerator
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Waste incinerators have been using more and more customers for environmental issues in the last two years, but they have different shapes and sizes. At present, there are many small stoves.

So how do small furnaces use fire-resistant materials for lining construction to be foolproof? There are indeed different phenomena on site and in actual conditions. Today, I will talk about the method of small furnace construction for reference or communication.

As a manufacturer of refractory materials for waste incinerators, we have quite a few furnace types, but some furnace types also have different construction plans based on actual supply.

As far as small furnaces are concerned, there are still many furnaces with refractory bricks and refractory castables of about 20 tons. However, this kind of furnace is shipped to the users after the refractory materials of the furnace manufacturers are basically lined.