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Process analysis of industrial incinerators during operation
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When an industrial incinerator is operating, the main processes are as follows:

First, use the amount of oxygen to adjust the temperature in the furnace.

Second, the temperature of the furnace can be adjusted by controlling the oxygen inlet equipment. The high temperature cycle pyrolysis of the waste causes the temperature to be superimposed to ensure that the flue gas is discharged to the standard. The cycle pyrolysis of the waste in the furnace can eventually consume more than 80% of harmful substances.

Third, the flame in the industrial waste incinerator is like the spontaneous combustion of smoke, and the waste in the industrial waste incinerator is like tobacco shreds and filters. The waste water is used to absorb the steam generated by pyrolysis to absorb the waste pyrolysis. harmful gas.

Fourth, the use of professional multi-functional built-in processing equipment and external purifiers to further purify the exhaust gas, so that it reaches the emission standard!