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Main application advantages of incinerators
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Increasing emphasis on the social environment has led to the use of incinerators in many places around us. So what are the benefits of using an incinerator? Let's take a look together.

(1) A wide range of garbage can be treated, including industrial waste, domestic waste, hospital waste, and waste rubber tires.

(2) The combustion thermal efficiency is high, and the normal combustion thermal efficiency is more than 80%. Even if the domestic waste with a large amount of water, the combustion thermal efficiency is more than 70%.

(3) Low operation and maintenance costs Due to the use of many special designs and a high level of automation control, there are fewer operating personnel (only two people are needed for a furnace including ash and slag removal personnel), and the maintenance workload is also small.

(4) High reliability After nearly 20 years of operation, the failure rate of this incinerator is very low, with an annual operation of more than 8000 hours, and the general utilization rate can reach more than 95%.

(5) High level of emission control Due to the use of secondary flue gas recombustion and advanced flue gas treatment equipment, the flue gas has been fully treated. After long-term testing, the CO content in the flue gas emissions is 1-10 PPM, the HC content is 2-3 PPM, and the NOx content is 35 PPM, which fully meets European and American emission standards. The temperature of the flue gas in the second- and third-stage combustion chambers reaches 1000 C, and the residence time is more than 2 seconds, which can basically decompose the dioxin. The dioxin content in the flue gas is 0.04 ng / m3, which is far lower than in Europe and the United States. Standard 0.1 ng / m3.

(6) The grate is self-cleaning under the purging of compressed air.

The above is the introduction of the main application advantages of the incinerator. Don't you know?