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What are the factors that affect the service life of the waste incinerator?
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Every item has a certain life span. It will definitely be damaged and cannot be used at a certain time. The same is true of the waste incinerator. The use of the waste incinerator is complicated. The reason is that the properties of the incineration materials are different, not necessarily acidic or It's alkaline. Therefore, the use of refractory materials in the lining will be severely eroded, and the service life will be affected by uncertain factors. So, what are the factors that affect the service life of the waste incinerator? Let's take a look together.

1. The first is the influence of the atmosphere in the furnace on the refractory materials. Generally, the waste incinerator is an oxidizing atmosphere, but sometimes the depth of the air stream will cause subtle changes in temperature and pressure. The SIC material is better than the oxidizing atmosphere. The atmospheric corrosion resistance is better, so choosing silicon carbide material is a good choice.

2. Furthermore, it is the influence of temperature. The highest temperature of the incinerator is 1400 C, and the corrosiveness increases with the increase of the degree. The average furnace is about 1100 C, but the corrosiveness cannot be ignored. Clay bricks and high alumina bricks are more susceptible to temperature. However, when the temperature does not exceed 1200 C, high alumina bricks are also a good choice.

3. There is also the influence of Cao and SiO2. The waste incinerator is most likely to produce residue-slag. The main component is alkaline, but sometimes there are unknowns and it may be acidic. In other words, neutral materials will be affected. If calcium and silicon dioxide increase, so will the aggressiveness. Then use silicon carbide bricks to prevent erosion.

The above are the factors that affect the service life of the waste incinerator. The relationship between the service life and temperature and corrosivity is very large. If it is lower than 1200 ℃, you can use high aluminum series, or choose silicon carbide castables or bricks. Of course, the insulation material depends on the situation. It is possible to use fiberboard or insulating castables.