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About the characteristics of the incinerator
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The incinerator is a kind of high-temperature incineration of waste gas, waste liquid, solid waste, such as toxic gases (paint spray tail gas), toxic rocket fuel An environmentally friendly device, and a product that uses the thermal energy of a part of the incineration medium. Divided into fixed incinerators and mobile incinerators. So what are the characteristics of the incinerator? Let's take a look together.

Features of the incinerator:

1.Strong fire setting effect to ensure uniform and full combustion of garbage on the entire grate surface and prevent slagging;

2.The combustion equipment should have the ability to adapt to sudden fluctuations in the components of the garbage (moisture or heat value) that often occur;

3.Preheat the combustion air (primary and secondary air);

4, has the possibility to invest in certain additives to reduce the emissions of certain harmful substances such as dioxins, NOx and SOx;

5. Ensure low carbon content of ash and fly ash (1 ~ 3%) and good ash burning.

Everyone knows the characteristics of the incinerator!